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The Lamorinda School Bus Transportation Agency meets as needed at the Lafayette City Offices, 3675 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette, Ca.  Agendas and packets for regular meetings are posted here 72 hours in advance of meetings.  Questions?  Please call Whitney Simon, Program Manager, at 925-299-3216.

School Year 2019-20

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 04-01-20

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 03-23-20

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 02-25-20

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 01-21-20

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 11-05-19

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 10-08-19

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 9-10-19

School Year 2018-19 

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 6-25-19

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 5-21-19

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 4-29-19

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 3-26-19

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 3-5-19
Transportation Contract 2009-2014
Addendum Two
Addendum One
Auditor's Report, MAZE
Auditor's Report MOIC, MAZE 

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 2-11-19

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 1-28-19

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 1-11-19
Summary - Parent Survey 2018
Comments - Parent Survey 2018

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 11-26-18

LSBTA Agenda and Packet, 10-31-18

LSBTA Agenda and Packet, 10-09-18

LSBTA Agenda and Packet, 9-25-18
First Student Proposal, August 22, 2018 (part one)
First Student Proposal, August 22, 2018 (part two)
First Student Alternative Pricing Scenarios

LSBTA Agenda and Packet, 7-30-18

School Year 2017-18


RFP Subcommittee Agenda, 6-12-18

LSBTA Agenda and Packet, 6-12-18
Draft Request for Proposal
Draft Exhibit A Contract For Furnishing School Bus Transportation
Draft Exhibit B School Bus Stop Safety Study by SBC
Draft Exhibit C School Bus Transportation Services Contractor Route Feedback Letter
Draft Exhibit D Schedules and Maps, Base Routes
Draft Exhibit E Schedules and Maps, Alternate Routes

RFP Subcommittee Agenda for 5-16-18
Request for Proposal
Transportation Contract

LSBTA Agenda and Packet for 5-08-18
Auditor's Report 16-17, Auditor's Report 16-17 MOIC
Request for Proposal (A)
Request for Proposal B)
Transportation Contract

Orinda Subcommittee Agenda and Packet, March 26, 2018

Orinda Subcommittee meeting for Feb 5, 2018 is canceled.

LSBTA Agenda and Packet, 01-08-18

Orinda Subcommittee Agenda and Packet, 12-06-17
Orinda Subcommittee Agenda and Packet, 10-23-17

Orinda Subcommittee Agenda, 10-02-17

LSBTA Agenda and Packet, 9-12-17
Orinda Subcommittee Agenda, 9-12-17

Orinda School Bus Subcommittee Agenda, 8-7-17

LSBTA Agenda and Packet for 7-13-17
Revised Bus Stop Safety Study by SBC
School Year 2016-17

LSBTA Agenda and Packet, 6-8-17
Addendum to Item 5) Old Business: Presentation by School Bus Consultants (SBC) re: School Bus Stop Safety Study

LSBTA Agenda and Packet, 5-15-17 AM
LSBTA Agenda and Packet, 5-15-17 PM
Bus Stop Safety Study by SBC

LSBTA Subcommittee Meeting 5-8-17

LSBTA Agenda and Packet 4-24-17
Auditor's Report, FY 15-16
Audidtor's MOIC Report, FY 15-16

LSBTA Subcommittee Meeting 4-17-17
LSBTA Agenda and Packet 11-30-16
Request for Proposal, School Bus Stop Safety Study
School Bus Consultants, Proposal
School Bus Consultants, Fee
F&P Proposal
F&P Fee
F&P Revised Proposal (Orinda)
F&P Revised Fee (Orinda)

LSBTA Meeting 11-30-16
LSBTA Meeting 10-17-16 
LSBTA Meeting 10-3-16 
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