The Safest Mode Of Transportation!

The U.S. federal government recognizes yellow school buses as THE safest mode of ground transportation in America.  School buses are eight times safer riding in a school than a car.  This figure jumps even higher when a teenager is the driver.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 58% of child fatalities during normal school travel hours are in cars driven by teenagers.  23% of such fatalities are in cars driven by an adult.  Students riding on school buses account for less than 1% of such fatalities.  Simply put, school buses are THE SAFEST mode of transportation for students traveling to and from school.  See what the American School Bus Council has to say about school bus safety!

Why are school buses so safe?

School buses are manufactured to comply with 37 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that apply specifically to school buses.  Some of these standards include occupant protection, reinforced roll cages, emergency exits and window retention and release, flashing red lights and extended stop arms for school bus stops, and electronic stability controls.  In California, all new school buses must be equipped with three-point seat belts.​

First Student Drivers

​First Student drivers are professionals – hired to take your students where they need to go and keep them safe.  All drivers receive extensive classroom and behind-the-wheel training approved by the California Highway Patrol.  Drivers must pass a full Department of Justice background check and drug and alcohol screenings.  Drivers will cross your TK – 8 students across the street!

The following documents will be included with your bus pass in order to highlight safety; please review!

Important Safety Tips

Keep your students safe by following these safety rules:

  • Arrive 5 minutes early to the bus stop (no running for the bus!).If you must drive to the bus stop, park on the same side of the street as the bus.
  • STAY OUT of the bus danger zone, anywhere within 12 ft. of the bus.
  • Wait for permission from the driver before boarding or departing the bus.
  • Follow the driver’s instructions about crossing the street. Cross IN FRONT OF THE BUS, never behind.
  • After exiting the bus, do not attempt to retrieve items left on or under the bus (the driver may not see you).